SEO package is an original product of Everyprime, which has been designed for customers who want to increase the traffic from organic results of search engines. SEO package focuses on the most important factors influencing the score a website gets from Google search engine. As part of the cooperation we will show you what do you have to improve on the website and if you need it, we help to implement the recommendations on the website. We systematically help you develop your website, so that it will be better scored not only by the search engines but also by your potential customers.


SEO process can be divided into two types of actions: onsite and offsite. SEO-onsite is a basis which it is not possible to gain without lasting effects, that is high position of a website in the search engine. It contain for example: improving the code, URL structre and enhancing the unique content. It requires constant supervision on the fact if the website fulfills the current regulations of a search engine and if the content on the website is still unique (for example checking if it has not been copied by somebody to a different website). SEO-offsite contains everything that is outside the website, that is links leading to this website, social media signals and profiles in Google My Business. It is necessary to analize the links and their profile constantly. Early detection of negative links allows to keep the positioning effects stable. Well-prepared strategy of presence in the search engine should allow the improvemnt of position under such phrases:

  • general – popular, but gaining undecided customers (house design)
  • local – phrases with a location name (chicago dentist)
  • detailed (so called “long tail”) – phrases that are searched for, but are definitely less popular (chicago bucktown dentist)
  • PR/brand phrases – phrases containing the name of the company or the name of the product, with possible annotations like “opinions”, “forum”, these phrases are entered by your potential customers to ensure that your company is reliable and the produtcs are good quality

SEO package allows not only for a several times cheaper gain of potential customers from a search engine when compared to sponsored links (PPC) but also it allows to take care of the image of the company. We can influence both the position under the phrases by which customers who do not know us, search us and also the improvement of the branding phrases, by which we are verified by our potential customers.


starting from $500Every $500 package includes:
  • Up to 5 general keywords

    With just five (5) keywords EveryPrime will push your website to the top ten (10) search results to the best of our abilities.
  • Up to 15 long tail keywords

    These are precise word phrases, that help users who know exactly what they are looking for. For example, you are looking for a dentist in Chicagoland area, instead of searching for “dentist” you will type “dentist chicagoland area” getting more precise results.
  • Up to 1 Local Profile

    Will help you create and manage the profile in Google My Company service what will help your potential customers find your contact information in their search results.
  • Up to 10 SEO PR keywords/url

    EveryPrime takes care of your search results and makes sure that the search results associated with your brand will display only positive information about your company.
  • 1 entry 1000-1500 characters

    EveryPrime will help you update and develop your website with new contents like news, current events, a story about day from your company life, etc.
  • 1 Analytics Report

    We will configure and prepare automatic reports about the traffic to your website.
  • Google Search Console

    We will set up a profile to monitor search engine notices concerning your website.
  • One (1) hour / month Phone Consultation(s)

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